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Miscellanous K-A UK products.


For full details of the items shown below refer to the K-A UK catalogue.

Pedal Jack


Stop Key SKH, shown fitted with Standard TAB/S

Stop Tab Unit STU, these and the SKH can be fitted with rocking tabs.

Engraving styles available on drawstop knobs and tabs.

Thumb Piston Unit 3/4", Ivorine, 'Golf Tee' type head, FS128

KA Contact Assemblies, available in Gold or Silver, and in various standard forms or to customers specification.

Barrel Thumb Piston BTP, Barrel Thumb Piston with reed switch contact BTP/R and Thumb Piston Unit TPU

Volt Meter

Music Desk Hook, Brass, polished and lacquered finish.

KA Reverser Unit with Reed Relays KA25

Original KA Reverser Unit REV

KA Multi Contact Switch M65 (65 contacts per switch) gang of 2 shown.

Piston Selector Switches PSS and black perspex Engraved Fascia Panel.

Slider Solenoid shown with mounted control box and Clevis Pin Assembly

Old typeTransformer Rectifier Units 10, 20, 30 and 50 amp, single phase units. Now only available to special order. Price and delivery will be quoted on request. For current units please refer to "K-A products page 1".

Wooden Keyboards - please see dedicated page for details.

Various items from the range of KA Aluminium Tracker Components.

Bellows, new and re-leathered, please see dedicated page for details.

NEW! ALL BRASS TOE PISTONS: KA Pattern, Manders Pattern & Harrison & Harrison pattern as shown above. All available to order. All units can be fiited with reed switch contacts and caps and bases can be interchanged. Contact us for details.