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The items below are either new products, developments which we are considering, or proposals which have been put forward by other customers.
We would value your comments on these matters as they may help us to make decisions on future products or alterations to existing lines.
In addition we are always happy to receive customers comments about any KA products.
Please Email us using the connection on our Home Page, or alternativly fax or write to us.




For many years now we have fitted diode suppression as standard on all KA magnets, in the belief that this is better than risking the possible damage which may be caused by unsuppressed coils, and also that it is easier for the customer to cut a diode off than it is to fit one on site.
With the growing trend for Zener Diodes to be fitted to solid state control systems, we are being asked more frequently to supply magnets without diodes. At present we intend to carry on fitting diodes as standard, so you will have to specify when ordering if you do not want them, and as the diodes are fitted at an early stage of coil assembly, we may have to cut the diodes off.
Your comments on this matter will be appreciated.