List of KA UK Ltd. Organ Components

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Below is a list of the standard range of organ components which we manufacture. If you want to know what we make and supply then read on.


Stop Keys (6 types).
Stop Tab Units.
Tabs For Stop Keys, horizontal and tilting.
Drawstop Knobs.
Department Labels.
Builders Name Plates.
Pedal Piston Discs.
Engraving Carried out on the above 4 items and on customers own components.
Drawstop Solenoids (3 types).
Pedal Jacks (up to 24 Contacts).
Relays (standard common contacts up to 32, Insulated contacts up to 12 pairs).
Contact Assemblies (wide range of standard contacts in silver or gold, and specials made to order).
Reversers (electro mechanical, 2 types)
Volt Meters.
Contact Wipers (3 types)
Swell Pedals (up to 32 contacts, make or break).
Piston Selector Switches.
Combination Action Relays.
Thumb Pistons and Barrel Thumb Pistons.
Toe Pistons (2 types, 3 finishes, mechanical and reed switch contacts).
Toe Pistons - solid brass - 3 patterns
Chest Magnets.
Compound Magnets
Top Note Magnets.
Air Damped Vertical Pallet Magnets.
Light Pattern Pallet Magnets.
Lever Magnets (3 types, 12 variants).
Direct Pallet Magnets (2 types, 8 variants).
Pallets for Magnets (5/8" to 1,1/2").
Heavy Duty Lever Magnet (4 types).
Cable Junction Strips.
Multi Contact Switches (65 contacts).
Slider Solenoids.



Leather Buttons (2 sizes, 3 gauges).
Plastic Bottons (3 sizes, 3 gauges).
Red Cloth Washers (2 sizes).
Music Desk Hooks
Bushed Pulldown Wires (4 Sizes).
Bushed eyes.
Sound Board Bushes.
Tracker Wires.
Threaded PB Wires to Customers specification (can be bent, eyed and bushed).
Centres (3 types, 9 variants).
Pallet Springs (3 sizes)
Key Hooks (2 sizes).
Key Check Wires.
Rear Key Springs.
Pointed Pins (6 sizes).
Pipe Hooks.
Pedal Toe Springs.
Pedal Heel Springs.
Pedal Heel Plates.
Pedal End Wires and Buttons.
Reed Tuning Wires (9 sizes).
Reed Wedges (10 sizes).
Aluminium Squares (KA traditional style, 2 sizes)
Roller Arms (traditional style, steel, 2 types, 4 variants).
Roller Board Studs.
Kopex Flexible Tubing.
Plastic Tubing (PVC, 3 sizes).
Pallets, Felt and Leather (3/4" to 2,1/2").
Fibreboard and Millboard Valves (1/2" to 2,1/2").
Fibreboard and Millboard Discs (1/2" to 2,1/2").
Rack Pillars (4,1/2" standard, other sizes made to order).
Silver Contact Wire 0.015" dia.
Nickel Silver Wire 0.048" dia. (for bus bars).
Tinned Copper Braid.
Test Pins.
Polyurethane Covered Copper Wire.
PVC Covered copper Wire (11 colours).
Multi Core Cable (40 pairs,28 gauge,tinned copper).
Non Adhesive Plastic Tape.
Phosphor Bronze Wire (10 to 19 gauge).
Rubber Cloth (2 Thicknesses).
Felt (3mm and 4mm).
Cork Sheets (1/32", 1/16" and 1/8").
Brown Shutter Felt (1/4").
Red Cloth (1mm).
Grey Pedal Felt (1/2")
Waxed Thread.
Red Thread.
Chest Brass.
Colloidal Graphite.
Bedding Tape.
Combined Springs and Wipers.


Pointed Pivot Pins.
Pivot Supports (3 types).
Locking Collars (plain).
Locking Collars (adjustable).
Roller Bracket (bushed).
Roller Connector.
Removable Bush (3 sizes and felt bushed).
Standard Bushes (3 sizes).
Tracker connector.
Tracker End Clip.
Stand Off Bracket.
Tracker Ends Round (3 types).
Tracker Ends Flat (2 sizes, 3 types).
Roller Arms (2 sizes, 4 types).
Intermeciate Roller Arms (2 sizes, 4 types).
Squares (2 sizes, 4 types).
Flat Fibreglass Tracker.
Round Fibreglass Tracker.
Round Phosphor Bronze Tracker.
Solid Aluminium Roller.
Roller Screws.
Collar Screws.
Grub Screws.
Nut Driver.
Opening Pliers.


Single and Double Rise Bellows
Bellows Relief Pallet
Releathering of bellows
Primary Action Motors


Diode Switching Systems
Processor Systems
Piston Selector Panels
Pedal Derivation Driver
Melodic Base Unit





Further details of the main items from the above list can be found on the catalogue and dedicated pages on this site. Full details can be found in our catalogue.