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Welcome to the range of KA Electro Mechanical Organ Components

KIMBER-ALLEN UK LTD. has an international reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of high quality organ components for the organ builder. The name of KIMBER ALLEN is our customers assurance of built in quality and reliability, and that our products are the finest available.

KA products are designed to work at 15 volts +/- 3 volts D.C. supply, but most units are also available in 24 volt format, please enquire.

We can supply units without leads and diodes at reduced cost.  Please enquire for more details.

To view the entire range of KA products please refer to the KA Catalogue. If you do not have a catalogue please use the Catalogue PDF Download page on the top menu or alternativly use the Email connection on our home page to request one.




Drawstop Solenoids

Available as:-
AS013 MT Mini Drawstop 5/8" (16mm) stroke.
AS014 MT/DL Mini Drawstop 5/8" (16mm)stroke,quiet
action (pictured).
AS012 LMT Front flange mounting Long Stroke Drawstop 1" (25mm) stroke.
AS012/CM  LMT/C  Centre flange mounting Long Stroke Drawstop 1" (25mm) stroke.

Note: All drawstop solenoids can now be fitted with optional plug in connectors (shown) at additional cost.


Stop Keys

Available as:-
FS007 SKR (pictured) to fit standard tab.
FS008 SKR/R for rocking tabs.
These units are now fitted with plug in connector and reed switch contact. NOTE: All setting adjustments can be carried out from the back of the unit.

Also available are the original KA Stop Key Units in black moulded cases, for picture see catalogue page 2 on this site:-
FS001 SKH Horizontal Mounting.
FS002 SKV Vertical mounting.
FS003 STH Horizontal with second touch.
AS006 SKT Vertical mounting with tilting tab.

Toe Pistons

Available as:-
FS146 415E Square, angled base, bronze colour.
AS147 415E/DT As above but with double touch.
FS148 415E/EC As at top but all chrome finish.
FS149 TPW Round, black base and brass cap.
AS150 TPW/DT As above but with double touch.
Extra cost options:-
Fitting of reed switch contacts to all toe pistons, except double touch.
Different colour combinations of cap and base.

We now offer 3 solid brass Toe Pistons,  see products page 2 for picture.


Light Pattern Magnet

Available as:-

FS159 LPM5/8 With 5/8" (16mm) pallet.

FS160 LPM3/4 With 3/4" (19mm) pallet.

FS161 LPM1 1/8 With 1 1/8" (28mm) pallet.

FS162 LPM1 With 1" (25mm) pallet.

These are available with 60 ohm and 90 ohm coils. We can also supply these without leads and diodes at reduced cost, please enquire for further details.

Lever Magnets

All KA magnets are available in coil ratings of 100 ohm (black), 70 ohm (green) and 50 ohm (red), Ohmage is designated by the letters B, G or R in their order references. These are for use on 15 volts +/- 3 volts D.C. Also available in 24 volt format.
Available as:-
AS177 FLB Free Lever
AS178 FLG Free Lever
AS179 FLR Free Lever
AS180 SLB Sprung Lever
AS181 SLG Sprung Lever
AS182 SLR Sprung Lever
AS183 ISB Inverted Lever
AS184 ISG Inverted Lever
AS185 ISR Inverted Lever

Direct Pallet Magnet

Available in same coil ratings as lever magnets, and in pallet sizes from 5/8" (16mm) to 1,1/2" (38mm).
Available as:-
AS191 DPB Direct Pallet Magnet
AS192 DPG Direct Pallet Magnet
AS193 DPR Direct Pallet Magnet (pictured)

Direct Pallet Magnet No.2 with pallet mounted on sprung brass arm are available as:-
AS207 DPV/B Pallet Magnet No.2.
AS208 DPV/G Pallet Magnet No.2.
AS209 DPV/R Pallet Magnet No.2.

Heavy Duty Lever Magnet

Avai;able as either the original KA unit, or now with improved pivot and return spring.
Original units:-
AS231 HD No arm Fitted.
AS232 HDA With bushed short arm.
AS233 HDP With 2" (50mm) pallet fitted.
AS234 HDP With 2,1/2" (63mm) pallet fitted.
New Units:-
AS236 HD/2 No arm.
AS237 HDA/2 With bushed short arm.
AS238 HDP/2 With 2" (50mm) pallet fitted.
AS239 HDP/2 With 2,1/2" (63mm) pallet fitted.
AS240 Optional cork gasket.

Air Damped Vertical Pallet Magnet

The KA Magnet with unique air damped action.
Available as:-
FS215 AD7/8 With 7/8" (22mm) pallet.
FS206 AD1,1/4 With 1,1/4" (32mm) pallet.

Note: Now supplied as standard with 70 ohm coil and heavy return spring.

Chest Magnet

KA Chest Magnets are available with 140 ohm standard coils or 70 ohm for higher pressure work. They can also be supplied with either hinged or loose armatures.
Please specify when ordering.
Available as:-
FS221 DC1 Standard Chest Magnet.
FS223 TN1 Top Note Magnet, 1/8" (3.2mm) outlet.
FS224 TN2 Top Note Magnet, 3/16" (4.7mm) outlet.
FS225 TN3 Top note magnet, 1/4" (6.35mm) outlet.